awards for good boys: Emmys

Scrolling Twitter yesterday, I happened to see the #Emmys trending and thought, “Oh I missed the announcement of the nominees!” As someone who has frequently woken up early in the morning to watch media award nominee announcement ceremonies, that’s a pretty good indicator of how this year’s Emmys seem to hold a little less importance.…

Cole Escola on Performance, Gender and Fluidity

A recent episode of the Slate podcast Working— which showcases interviews with different creative types about their work— features comedy writer and performer Cole Escola. I first noticed Escola in his role in Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner’s too short lived series Difficult People, and he has gotten more recognition since then but is still…

Fan Agency and the Cancelling of the Author

Since J.K. Rowling has made the news again for hateful comments (which I won’t link to or reproduce here in any form) against trans and non-binary people, I’ve been thinking a lot about fan agency. The Harry Potter universe has grown far beyond Rowling’s original books into one of the most valuable transmedia franchises in…

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